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1997 NCC General Assembly, Nov. 11-14, 1997, Washington, D.C.

Resources on Religious Freedom, Religious Persecution Abroad

Global religious freedom and religious persecution abroad are urgent public policy issues and will continue to reach into the life of our churches. We at the NCC hope that the following resources will help you, your church and your community as you seek to respond to these important concerns.

We hope that both ecumenically and together and in the life of our individual churches, we can bring attention to religious persecution in ways that reflect the best sensitivities, understandings and commitments of our shared Christian faith.

Analysis of Legislation

wpe4.gif (1255 bytes)June 2, 1998, Statement on Proposed Legislation Addressing Religious Persecution

wpe4.gif (1255 bytes)Elements Needed in Any U.S. Legislation to Address Religious Persecution Globally

Letters to Congress

wpe4.gif (1255 bytes)NCC May 5, 1998, Letter to Congress on Religious Persecution Legislation

wpe4.gif (1255 bytes)Archives: Religious Leaders' October 2, 1997, Letter to Congress on Wolf/Specter

Official NCC Testimony

wpe4.gif (1255 bytes)NCC Testimony, in 1996, to a Congressional Committee on Religious Persecution

NCC News Releases

wpe4.gif (1255 bytes)10/12/98: Statement on Religious Persecution Legislation by NCC General Secretary

wpe4.gif (1255 bytes)10/6/98: NCC Public Policy Office Offers Qualified Support for Nickles-Lieberman Bill

wpe4.gif (1255 bytes)5/4/98: International Delegation of Religious Leaders Discuss Religious Persecution

wpe4.gif (1255 bytes)NCC News Alert: International Religious Leaders Delegation on Religious Persecution

Other Resources

wpe4.gif (1255 bytes)Excerpts: April 28, 1998, News Conference by International Religious Leaders

wpe4.gif (1255 bytes)NCC Policy Bases for Work Against Religious Persecution

wpe4.gif (1255 bytes)A Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Service of Prayer for Persecuted Believers

wpe4.gif (1255 bytes)April 16, 1998, Statement by Dr. Youssef Boutros-Ghali, Egypt's Minister of Economy

wpe4.gif (1255 bytes)Discussion of When Are Sanctions Ethical, with Link to CWSW Study Paper

Note: Summaries and full texts of both the "Freedom from Religious Persecution Act of 1998" (H.R. 2431 "Wolf/Specter") and the"International Religious Freedom Act of 1998" (s. 1868 "Nickles/Mack")are available at -- search by bill number.

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